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Our feasibility was conducted by Chuck O’Connor. Mr O’Connor, Principal of Science, Learning & Fun brings over forty years of museum planning and operation experience to the project. Since retiring from COSI, the center of Science & Industry in Columbus, as Vice President for Exhibits and Operations & COO, he has been helping emerging children’s museums organize their projects and validate their plans. Click Chuck O’ Connor for a complete bio. The most important question that the feasibility study answered was:

Is a children’s museum feasible for Billings Montana? In a word: Absolutely! Based on the demographics, isolation of the city and the largest metro population in Montana, there is a more than a sufficient size market to support a children’s museum.

Surveys filled out by the Billings Community showed an overwhelming support for a children’s museum in Billings and a compelling desire to have a children’s museum available in our community. Children’s museums are thriving in communities across Montana, including Helena, Missoula, Great Falls, and Bozeman. Billings is the largest metropolitan community in the state of Montana. Please contact Wise Wonders if you would like to read the entire feasibility study.

Billings is Booming!

In 2009, Fortune Small Business magazine named Billings the best small city in which to start a business. A children’s museum is an investment in communities to retain and attract businesses and work force.

PLAY is Critical in Child Development

For children play is a way to learn who they are, how the world works, solve problems, and to express feelings. Children’s museums engage children through play to think critically and creatively, which is key to grooming the next generation of workers and leaders.