Help the Museum

Here are a few ways that you can help the Museum:

Exhibit Sponsorship

Business and individuals can choose to sponsor a specific exhibit for the museum. Please contact us to find out more.

Exhibit Builders

We are looking for individuals and/or businesses that would like to partner with us to build exhibits.

Volunteer Staffing

We are looking for volunteers to help staff our operating hours. Please fill out volunteer application.

Newsletter Writer

We need a volunteer willing to write monthly newsletter articles that will be e-mailed and mailed to our newsletter subscribers.

Grant Writer

We are in need of a grant writer.

Wish List

  • Duct tape, coffee filters, string
  • Industrial sized paper cutter
  • Nursing recliner
  • Seating/benches for visitors
  • Supplies and/or equipment for exhibits
  • Supply Cabinet
  • Art supplies – paper, paint, stickers
  • Computer, monitor, Printer and office furniture